Over the Ocean Shawl




This shawl has caused me some frustration but it’s finally done and blocked.  And it was finished in time for happy hour drinks on Friday. The pattern is Over the Willamette by Jenn Wolfe Kaiser and I used Superwash Merino Lace by Tess’ Designer Yarns for most of it (I love her colors). A  tiny bit of Cascade Forrest Hills was used just for the last row as I ran out of useable yarn.

Initially there would have been enough yarn to finish this project. However, I had started a different shawl pattern with this yarn and decided I didn’t like the way it was looking and so ripped it out. And I’m sure having this yarn in storage IN A SKEIN for almost 4 years did nothing for it. Not to mention that I had to rip out rows several times because of mistakes (so frustrating when I miss stitches). Needless to say, some yarn didn’t make it. Anyhow, the Cascade blends beautifully and this project is done!

Funny photo cause I can.  This is the first pattern that I’ve actually paid money for. $4.50 USD isn’t much but usually I choose free patterns or borrow books from the library. I bought this because I saw others using multicolored yarn  and getting beautiful results. I’ll be making at least one more. But not yet. I’m done with lace for a few weeks.



Another use for fun fur.

The place that I currently works allows us to listen to personal music players whenever we want.  When my ear buds died I found a pair of bright pink replacement ones.  I decided that since they were already an attention grabbing color I’d make them stand out even more.

ear bud cozy

This ear bud cord cozy was quite simple to make.  Some fun fur along with a strand of #10 crochet thread  single crocheted around the cord. At the Y junction split into two and continue crocheting however far up you want.

Split into seperate strands at the Y junction.

A simple weave in of the ends and you’re done.  Simple, easy, and gets lots of comments.  Most people think it’s cool (at least that’s what they say to my face).  I originally made it with the thought to use up the fun fur in my stash (it’s not that much stash but it’s hard coming up with projects to use it in so it’s been hanging out in there a long time).

It’s actually proven to be kinda useful as it cuts down on eliminates the weird cord rubbing against clothing sound these things tend to produce. Also it’s softly fuzzy against my skin (I can’t be the only one who runs the cord down the shirt to the ipod in the pocket, those cords can be really long, and it just needs to be out of the way).

Anyway, like I said, it’s simple, easy use of the horrible horrible fun fur.

A good use for novelty yarn.

Use novelty yarn for a bike seat cover.

This comfy looking seat cover uses the pompom yarn (aka marshmallow yarn) with at least one other thicker worsted weight yarn (I think).  And below, a great use for fun fur and other random yarn. Couldn’t really tell about construction on the seat, but the yarn on the handle bars looks like it was just randomly knotted, braided and wrapped around.  Also some more yarn just randomly wrapped around the frame. With flowers.

How to use fun fur on a bike.

Seen downtown in Santa Cruz, CA.  Oh, yes… Didn’t I say anything? I no longer live on the east coast.

Perky Snood

I’ve got lots of hair. See the photo below?

my hair

As it is sometimes hard and/or heavy to contain I thought I’d try something a bit different.  On to Ravelry for a snood! The perky snood to be exact (also found here).

The pattern starts with a chain, and since I really like the foundation single crochet, that’s what I did. 37 of them with 12 chains at the end for turning.  (I suggest just doing the chain 49 as in the instructions as it is easier to finish. As I found out at the end…) Since I used some worsted weight cotton, an F hook, and regular treble crochets (yarn over 2x, extended treble as is written in the pattern is yarn over 3x) my gauge was a bit off.  I wound up doing the following: row 1, row 2, repeat row 2 four times instead of six, instructions for row 9 and repeated 8x instead of 7x, instructions for row 17, instructions for row 18, then decreased for 4 rows.  For the border I followed the instructions but without using an elastic the first time. (This is where I figured out that using a foundation single crochet was not a good idea [and this is why you should always read through a pattern first]).  After buying some thin elastic headbands I did a second round of the border and finished off.

To increase at the beginning of a row chain 9 and then do a treble or extended treble in the top of your last treble (or extended treble, whichever stitch you’re using throughout the pattern) from the row below.


chain 9

put your stitch here to increase


The end of the increase row should look like this:


see the beginning ch 9 from row below, your increase stitches go here


this is how the end of an increase row should look

Before doing the border:


this will be a snood

Final product:

looks kinda big

It holds my hair!


Since I made this out of worsted weight cotton, it is kinda bulky, and unusual looking. Really I made it just to wear around home when I can’t be bothered, have stuff to get done, have no plans to go out and just want to keep my hair out of my face.  If made in a nicer, thinner yarn perhaps I’d wear it out and about. I’ll be adding some sort of decoration to it, perhaps some crochet flowers?

Anyhow, hope these notes can provide some help to others.

List of things to do when I’m bored

I was bored one night so I came up with this short* list:

  • make a collage
  • crochet
  • make a blog post
  • clean something
  • photograph something
  • take a walk
  • call a friend/family
  • go for a run
  • bake/cook something
  • re-arrange furniture
  • write a letter
  • learn to knit
  • learn embroidery
  • visit a museum
  • paint something
  • make a 5 or 1 minute quick drawing
  • watch a movie and review it
  • belly dance
  • rock out
  • go for a bike ride
  • make jewelry
  • clean out my purse
  • read a book
  • play the wii
  • cuddle with my honey
  • look up local events and attend something

Lots of other things can be added.   Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

*This is what fit in my journal and it took 5 minutes.

Peeling poster of a stuffy old man

Now living in Baltimore, Maryland!

October 1st Mr.EG and I moved into our new apartment in downtown Baltimore. In the 11 days that I’ve lived here, I’ve decided that it’s a little bit different.  It’s a much smaller place than Philadelphia, with less shops and downtown life.  It is also lacking vegetarian Chinese food (or if there is any, I haven’t found it yet). However there are a ton of Indian restaurants so that at least is covered! The local farmers market is held on Sunday under I-83.  I’ve already been there twice, and it will be a regular part of my week while it’s open.  Wanna see what I got this week?  Here it is:

My local yarn store, A Good Yarn,  and library have also been visited. And of course will be visited often.

As I get settled in, here in my new city, expect to see new photos of my surroundings.

PS. I’m looking for a new job, dear Internets.  Admin. Assistant position anyone?

Yarn Bombing at 18th and Walnut

I haven’t been to Center City Philly in a while, until last night when I saw this.

Knit side

Knit side

Crochet side

Crochet side

Here are some detail shots for you.

knit cables

Love you Philly


View up the tree



Tree crotch covered up

This type of surprise makes me smile and brightens up my day.