Changes around here.

This year has brought a couple changes to my life.  After 9 years together, Mr. EG and I were married in May.

Yes, I wore a red dress.

Another change? Well, after 7 years of being car-less, we’ve bought a 2007 Prius.

Mr. EG and our “new” car. (Or, “Why are you making me be in this photo?”)

I was told by a co-worker that I had to take one of these photos. Apparently it’s a “thing” to have a photo where the owner is jumping (from happiness?) with their Prius.

This change has probably been the bigger of the two. I mean, we can actually buy more food than we can carry on the bus or in a backpack (or in a bag over my shoulder while riding my bike). I can actually be home for dinner with Mr. EG (3pm to midnight is a weird shift to work). We can take mini road trips along the coast! Or go camping in one of the many parks out here! The only drawback (besides now having a car payment each month) is that I haven’t ridden my bike since buying the car. And I think that’s why my knees are now sore. So bike riding will be thought of as cross training for this race that we signed up for in September.  Should be fun. And we now have a way to get there.


Busy Weekend

The past few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve been running nonstop.  This weekend was no exception.  Saturday I was in lovely Doylestown, PA to see the Fonthill Castle, the Mercer Museum (both are very eclectic and full of surprises, I highly recommend) and the Mitchner Art Museum (wonderful Ellis Island photographs displayed while I was there, and also costumes from Hollywood) .  All in one afternoon! Some pictures for you…

Fonthill Castle

The Mercer Museum

Sunday, Mr.EG and I went to Baltimore via the Megabus to see his sister, Mom, and Step-dad. We stopped in to pass some time/get out of the drizzle at the Walters Art Museum. And then…

The Original Washington Monument

Go This Way

We looked at a couple of apartments.  Yes, we’re moving to Bawlmer (a local name for Baltimore, no idea how they got this nickname).  Assuming we find a suitable apartment, we’ll be moving the end of September or beginning of October.

Mr. EG’s job moved there.  I’m still looking for one.  If anyone knows of an open position for an administrative assistant please let me know.  Also, we’re engaged.