look closer

Something is not like the others.  Do you see it?  I had already woven in my ends and tried sewing my pot holder together according to the final directions.  No such luck.  It’s assembled wrong.  I have to find my ends and rip back.  Serves me right for trying to do this in bad lighting.


Starburst Hotpad

I started a cute hotpad yesterday called the Starburst hotpad designed by Loretta Schepp (Ravelry link here).   The first round was done at lunch yesterday.

Last night I did the second round, and today at lunch I wove in the ends generated so far.


Philly is currently experiencing a heat wave.  Therefore you also get a shot of my cute new sandals.

Note:  I’m one of those women that can’t be bothered with sitting in a salon chair for pedicures.

Yarn Bombing at the Reading Terminal Market

Look at what I saw yesterday.  


Knit and crochet yarn bombing with my bike.


Granny Square Bombing!



Side by side yarn bombing


Last time I was there only one of these bike racks was bombed.  I was pleasantly surprised to see  multiple racks bombed in a row.  🙂 

For those who don’t know, yarn bombing is when someone (or a group of someones) attach knit and/or crocheted items to public objects.  This is usually done at times when very few people are around to witness the act. Sometimes the item will be intended for personal use (a scarf, hat or blanket left in a random but public place)  or just to bring a smile and sunshine into everyday life.

No Cable TV

We got rid of the cable a few weeks ago.  I’d been wanting to get rid of it for at least a year.  Since a promotional period ended and the bill went up to higher than expected, and we didn’t watch much tv to begin with, we cut the cord.  We kept the cable internet though, Mr. Extragrunty would have an aneurysm without it.  

We did get a Netflix on demand for the Wii access DVD in the mail around the same time.  That was going every night for a week as we watched some documentaries and Monty Python.  I don’t miss the wide variety of channels.  We still get PBS and that’s pretty much all that we were watching out of who knows how many channels. The tv was used most of the time for background noise anyway.  Next I’ll see if we can get rid of the tv all together and just use the dual monitor setup to watch stuff.  😉

I’d much rather look at cool patterns produced by paint chipping off random surfaces than spend my evening zoned out in front of a tv.

Bleeding Hearts

These flowers always remind me of my grandma.  There were some in her flower beds along the house.  In the spring, when we would visit, we would go for a walk to see the different flowers that were blooming and smell them.

New Goals

So my goal for the first part of 2010 was to finish the Broad Street Run on May 2.  I did this in 2 hours and 51 seconds.  I started my training in February using a run/walk training plan that I found in Born to Run (a great book about running, link to authors web site, will discuss more about this in another post).  I’ve cut back on my mileage since the race, and I’m trying to figure out what to do now.  There’s a duathlon in July I might try, 3 mile run, 17 mile bike, 3 mile run.  However, this lower mileage goal is not an excuse to slack off on the mileage/speed work.  I put in some hard work getting to the 10 miles and don’t want to lose all of it. The Philadelphia ING 1/2 Marathon looks very interesting for the fall.  

 I also want to work on my upper body strength without joining a gym.  I’ll be re-starting the 100 push ups routine.  I’ve tried this in the past, but no more that a two weeks at a time.  The pull up bar I bought for x-mas isn’t being used right now, since I’m not currently able to do even 1 pull up (not that I’ve ever been able to do a pull up).  I want to fix that as well… I’ll start by doing a modified pull up by putting my head under my desk hands on top and pulling my way up from there. 

photo taken by the sometime-in-the-future Mr. ExtraGrunty

I was so happy to see Mr. ExtraGrunty and friends at mile 5!  I look like a complete dork in my running gear, but it works for me. 🙂

Homemade Shea Butter Moisturizer

I have very dry, flakey skin that still breaks out along the T zone (thank you hormones).  I’ve tried many facial moisturizers and while I found one that works pretty well for me (Lush Skin Nanny), I don’t really like the price ($50/1.7oz.).  As my pot started running out I tried using straight pure unrefined Shea Butter.  That worked ok, but my face still felt tight and was a little bit flakey.  I decided it was time to make my own moisturizer.  After doing some google searches and not finding quite what I was looking for I put together this:

ExtraGrunty’s Shea Butter Moisturizer

1 Tablespoon pure Shea Butter

1 Teaspoon Jojoba Oil

¼ Teaspoon Glycerin

2 drops Essential oil of your choice (I used Lavender)

Using a small pot and metal bowl, set up a double boiler and bring water to a boil in the pot.  Add your Shea butter to the bowl and stir until melted.  Add jojoba oil and stir in.  Add in glycerin, stir in and remove bowl from pot.  Stir in two drops of essential oil.  Using hand mixer (I used one beater), mix until ingredients start to solidify and turn creamy.  This process can be sped up using an ice water bath.  Make sure you scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl during the mixing process as you want all of the ingredients to be evenly incorporated in the final product.  If the mixture is lumpy, it can be reheated by placing your bowl back over your pan, melting your ingredients (this won’t take long) and remixing.  Once cool, scoop into a clean container and enjoy.

I’ve been using this for the past week and it’s working great so far.  My skin is supple and flake free, it absorbs well, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, and my breakouts seem to be lessening.  I also think it smells better than my previous store-bought moisturizer.