Just saw this over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and had to share.  Jane Austin’s Fight Club


Better late then never…

I was meaning to post photos from 4th of July celebrations here in Philly.  Uh, so that didn’t get done right away, but here they are now!  These were taken at Penn’s Landing on July 3rd (all handheld so please disregard excess blurriness, click on them to see larger).

More posts to follow soon as I went on vacation last week to Maine.  Will show the lovely yarn that was bought!

DIY Bike Fenders

My bike pre-fenders

I tried buying fenders for my bike.  None of them fit.  So I found these instructions to make my own custom fenders.  I was able to find a big coroplast sign to recycle. (This has also been called gator board.  It’s constructed like cardboard except it’s plastic.) I cut two strips each 2 inches wide and 8 strips 1 inch wide.  Take a look below to see how it’s constructed. 

The nice thing about making your own fenders is that you can make adjustments really easily.  Something is rubbing or too long? Cut it and fix! Want a different color? Spray paint!  Super super easy.  Now if it would  only rain for me to see how well they work.