Winter in Baltimore

So the snow and ice kinda shut down Baltimore for a bit. Flights got canceled, public transportation was a bit slow to start the day, and some places were closed or had delayed openings.  It’s melting fast but someone made this to cheer up those that were out and about in the slush.

Hello there!

This is just the thing to do with the wet sticky snow.

As the city clears out, the snow gets blown onto the sides of some of the buildings.

Crunchy snow on the building.

And then it starts to melt.

Ice into water.

I like the city when it snows.  It’s quieter, sounds are somewhat muffled, and its just pretty.



Some photos around Baltimore

As I’m going on my 4th month of unemployment since moving here to Baltimore I’ve been getting really bored here in my apartment.  So I braved the cold and the wind today to go out and do a bit of shooting.

Grey Walls

Bricked in Windows

Fire Escape

Old Brick with Two Windows and a Door

Always Present

Really, I was looking for places that would make interesting backgrounds for portraits.  You know, for when I start a business and charge for portraits.  I find the “traditional” portrait studio boring at this stage of life and much prefer to be outside with interesting textures.  It is very cold outside this time of year though, so I understand the draw of inside location(s).