Changes. Yep. Life keeps going and I’m just along for the ride with little control over the direction. And that needs changed because I’m not content with where that train is currently going. So first things first, a haircut.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

From long hair:


To this:


Big Change! Holy Curls Batman! This was a week ago right after my cut. Probably cut off 4 or 5 pounds. Since then I’ve been researching the curly girl method and made some flax seed gel last night. Bangs/Fringe/short hair covering my forehead is also a big change for me. The last time I had something like this was when I was growing out my hair in college (last two years in high school I had short spiky hair). Mr. EG has never seen me with hair this short. A week later and I’m (we’re) still getting used to this new look. This was the first change but also the easiest one to make.

Change #2: More exercise. I’ve been going to Yin Yoga twice a week for a while. This is a great stretch but it isn’t a workout. So more moving around to get my heart pumping. Why and I doing this? I still look fine but I’m starting to get slightly winded walking up shorter hills. This needs to change because it leads to the next change that’s needed.

Change #3: More Adventures. We’re living thousands and thousands of miles from where we grew up. On a completely different continent in fact.  Time to get off our butts and explore more of this crazy country. (Seriously the wildlife is so weird.) Hiking, biking, camping, boating we need to get out there. And make sure we have lots of sunscreen.

Change #4: Debt. Most of us have it, especially if you attended college in the US. I want ours to go away. This means extra income from my end is needed (no side jobs for Mr. Eg, the visa doesn’t allow it). My job search has been discouraging and disappointing and depressing. (It seems as if Australians love their degrees and certifications. “Certificate III in Administrative Assistant is required for this position”. Yep a true requirement I’ve seen plenty of. And at $5K per certificate level I’m not willing to spend that kind of dough for a job I’ve already done.) It might actually be time to start my own business. I’m open to suggestion on what it might be. It needs to be something that can move around the world with me as who knows where we’ll be living in two years. Something that I can do without having to get another degree.

So. Changes. Time to get started.

I’m open for suggestions! Have an inexpensive adventure suggestion for me? Or a business idea you think I would be amazing at? I’m all ears.

Because you need to see a picture of me fake eating my long hair.

Because you need to see a picture of me fake eating my long hair.



Friday Links

Flowers along South Bank, Brisbane, QLD.

I got sucked into the rabbit hole that is the internet. You know how it is. You start on a blog that you read every day. They have a link to an awesome blog post by someone else that they like and they have a link…. Anyhow, this is some of the awesome stuff that I want to share.

1. Empowering music video about women/girls/makeup/no makeup/beauty/self image. I may be living under a rock, I’ve never heard of this person before. I found this by following a link from #2 on my list.

2. Creating a capsule wardrobe. This is sounding like something I might actually do. I don’t own too many clothes but would like to refine my style a bit. I will need to buy a few things (I need some shoes and a nice jacket, like reeealy need a jacket!) but that can wait until I evaluate what I currently own (and articulate what I actually like to wear/what fits/is not worn out). My pickiness will be a big help here.

3. Reading this blog. Especially her creative coaching posts in the archives. Love, love, love her advice.

Yesterday I had one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever been to. The playlist was eccentric and amazing and is what made the class. Here’s three of the songs that I actually know (links to the videos):

Song 1 – (Not lyrics you would expect to hear in a yoga class but the overall sound fits.)

Song 2 – (Reminded me of my 2nd grade holiday show. I wore a white skirt, shoes, and top and “danced” to this song. Also reminded me to be happy and smile more. )

Song 3 – (We were in sphinx pose when this came on and I just busted up laughing when I heard it. Tears were running down my face.)

Best. Class. Ever. I had a smile on my face the rest of the day and I’m still smiling when I think of it.


I’m off to a BBQ tonight and another get together tomorrow. Who liked the songs/videos I linked to? Song three also brought back memories of childhood. Is that just an American cultural thing or do any Aussies remember that show?  Any link love you want to share?



Henna in my hair!

So, lots of women like to dye their hair.  When I was younger I tried kool aid and also boxed dye.  As my natural color is brown, with red highlights when the sun hits it, and I liked the red highlights, I always tried red colors.  About two years ago I started reading about henna on Henna For Hair. I bought my first body art quality henna and right before thanksgiving went to it.  It turned out great.  I even had enough left over to use for root touch ups for the next 1.5 years.  My roots didn’t really show that much, just some sparkle from the gray that’s starting to slowly trickle in.  However, I wanted a change without frying my hair or my scalp. So I ordered more henna.

I mixed it with lemon juice and water and left it to sit 12 hours to dye release.

henna doing its dye release

Gathered my supplies: dye released henna, gloves to prevent stained hands, applicator bottle (can be used for roots), hair pick/comb, plastic shower cap, alligator clips to keep hair sectioned while applying henna. Plastic bag cut open to use as a cape (keeps henna off my back). Not shown, plastic wrap, paper towels, bobby pins.

bag used as a cape

my supplies



looks like mud

Clean up the henna on my ears/forehead/neck and wrap it up.

all wrapped up

paper towel to keep the drips away



All wrapped up and shower cap/ plastic wrap bobby pinned into place, then four hours until I rinse it out…. Speaking of rinsing here you go:

time to rinse my hair

this is not chocolate

second rinse

1st conditioner rinse


Am I done yet?


still not clear


Oh, come on already!


lets try conditioner again


I’ve been rinsing for an hour. That’s it, I’m done for the night.  Here’s what it looks like:


it's red!

And this is what it looked like last week:

original color

Both are pretty, but the henna adds some fiery spice!  It should mellow out in the next week or so.  In the mean time it will turn shower water yellow/orange as it finishes rinsing out.


Uh, make sure you clean out your tub afterwards if you ever decide to try this! And wipe up those henna globs on the counter and floor!


Any interesting hair dying experience? Share them in the comments!