Changes. Yep. Life keeps going and I’m just along for the ride with little control over the direction. And that needs changed because I’m not content with where that train is currently going. So first things first, a haircut.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

From long hair:


To this:


Big Change! Holy Curls Batman! This was a week ago right after my cut. Probably cut off 4 or 5 pounds. Since then I’ve been researching the curly girl method and made some flax seed gel last night. Bangs/Fringe/short hair covering my forehead is also a big change for me. The last time I had something like this was when I was growing out my hair in college (last two years in high school I had short spiky hair). Mr. EG has never seen me with hair this short. A week later and I’m (we’re) still getting used to this new look. This was the first change but also the easiest one to make.

Change #2: More exercise. I’ve been going to Yin Yoga twice a week for a while. This is a great stretch but it isn’t a workout. So more moving around to get my heart pumping. Why and I doing this? I still look fine but I’m starting to get slightly winded walking up shorter hills. This needs to change because it leads to the next change that’s needed.

Change #3: More Adventures. We’re living thousands and thousands of miles from where we grew up. On a completely different continent in fact.  Time to get off our butts and explore more of this crazy country. (Seriously the wildlife is so weird.) Hiking, biking, camping, boating we need to get out there. And make sure we have lots of sunscreen.

Change #4: Debt. Most of us have it, especially if you attended college in the US. I want ours to go away. This means extra income from my end is needed (no side jobs for Mr. Eg, the visa doesn’t allow it). My job search has been discouraging and disappointing and depressing. (It seems as if Australians love their degrees and certifications. “Certificate III in Administrative Assistant is required for this position”. Yep a true requirement I’ve seen plenty of. And at $5K per certificate level I’m not willing to spend that kind of dough for a job I’ve already done.) It might actually be time to start my own business. I’m open to suggestion on what it might be. It needs to be something that can move around the world with me as who knows where we’ll be living in two years. Something that I can do without having to get another degree.

So. Changes. Time to get started.

I’m open for suggestions! Have an inexpensive adventure suggestion for me? Or a business idea you think I would be amazing at? I’m all ears.

Because you need to see a picture of me fake eating my long hair.

Because you need to see a picture of me fake eating my long hair.



Around here.


Just some things seen around the South Bank area. Still getting used to the new plant and animal life here.

Australia! Our new country of residence.


Yep, we moved to Australia! Brisbane, Queensland. It’s been a month and so far and I’m liking it. The hot humid weather is perfect for skirts and dresses and eating dinner outside on the balcony. Walking slowly and cool drinks.  And sunscreen, can’t forget the sunscreen.

The first week here was stressful. Moving to another country is quite different than a vacation in another county. Since it’s a country we haven’t lived in before (I’d never even visited) there’s all kinds of things that are different. Such as cell phones and banks. And the documents that you need to open accounts (you must have “100 points of identification” and half the stuff we had they wouldn’t take!). Trying to find a new place to live was quite trying as well (we had a furnished temporary rental for 2.5 weeks which helped out a lot).

I can say that I never realized exactly how much I’ve come to rely on cell phone and internet usage. And seems that the Aussies prefer use a combination of technology and in-person transactions to set things up. Want to rent an apartment? Have to view it in person before you can submit your application. Yes, it’s basically (or maybe it is?) a law. And the real estate agents want to contact you by text. Which is kinda hard when you don’t have the 100 points of identification to get a cell phone! So I showed up to viewings and hoped the agent would show up as well.

They didn’t once. They sent a cancel notice to Mr. EG’s skype number which he didn’t get until after the meeting time (I had requested email communication anyway).  It was frustrating because the rental agents wanted a cell # and the cell people wanted a permanent address. I might have expressed my complete annoyance about this to the cell phone guy. But we finally got phones (sorry Mike for snapping at you).

 So to continue, renting is expensive. It’s priced per week and paid fortnightly (confusing yes?).  A lot of places don’t come with a fridge or a clothes washer. But might have a dishwasher and a clothes dryer? Sometimes the washer and/or dryer would be in the bathroom; sometimes it would be under the house on a concrete pad in the middle of the dirt. (The local Queenslander style houses are built on stilts and don’t usually have a finished space under the house, it’s usually open air.) After looking at some places (and not liking anything) we finally rented a unit in the building we were staying at. Super good luck for us! It’s a great apartment with an amazing view and lots of natural light. Also good luck, the building manager hooked us up with a $50 fridge someone in the building was selling.

We’re getting settling in but the apartment is still mostly empty. The stuff we decided to keep is being shipped across the ocean and will take another month or two to arrive.  We’ve figured out how to get around (Translink and bicycles for now) and where our local grocery shops and farmers markets are. Now it’s time to explore and have fun in this amazing country.


My balcony and flowers.

All those containers from the thrift store are being put to good use on my balcony. As flower pots. I planted directly in them (no holes were drilled for drainage so I can re-purpose them later).

The flowers seem to be fine and actually thriving. I’m surprised really. I thought they’d be dead by now.

Another thrift store score.

I needed another container, so back to the thrift store I went. And found this.

It’s quite red. As in Xmas red. But it has potential.

So I busted out the yellow spray paint.

The first coat looks not so good.

It’s getting better…

This was the second coat. It’s starting to look a tiny bit better

And after several more coats (and drying overnight)…

Several coats later and after drying overnight it looks great.

Such an improvement! I will say that it’s not perfect. But, I like the burst of color. It adds a nice pop to our balcony.

Next up, what I did with all this stuff (although I’m pretty sure you can guess).






Thrift Store Score

Sometimes with the thrift store it’s hit or miss. This time it was a hit. Here’s what I got.

Cork board for $2.60.

Ceramic bowl for $2.60.

Ceramic mixing bowl with handle for $2.60.

Two metal containers. The smaller one was $2.60, the larger one was $4.60.

All together for a grand total of $15.00

$15.00 for two colorful ceramic bowls, two metal containers and a cork board. I have plans for these. Stay tuned for an update post later this week.



Changes around here.

This year has brought a couple changes to my life.  After 9 years together, Mr. EG and I were married in May.

Yes, I wore a red dress.

Another change? Well, after 7 years of being car-less, we’ve bought a 2007 Prius.

Mr. EG and our “new” car. (Or, “Why are you making me be in this photo?”)

I was told by a co-worker that I had to take one of these photos. Apparently it’s a “thing” to have a photo where the owner is jumping (from happiness?) with their Prius.

This change has probably been the bigger of the two. I mean, we can actually buy more food than we can carry on the bus or in a backpack (or in a bag over my shoulder while riding my bike). I can actually be home for dinner with Mr. EG (3pm to midnight is a weird shift to work). We can take mini road trips along the coast! Or go camping in one of the many parks out here! The only drawback (besides now having a car payment each month) is that I haven’t ridden my bike since buying the car. And I think that’s why my knees are now sore. So bike riding will be thought of as cross training for this race that we signed up for in September.  Should be fun. And we now have a way to get there.