Another thrift store score.

I needed another container, so back to the thrift store I went. And found this.

It’s quite red. As in Xmas red. But it has potential.

So I busted out the yellow spray paint.

The first coat looks not so good.

It’s getting better…

This was the second coat. It’s starting to look a tiny bit better

And after several more coats (and drying overnight)…

Several coats later and after drying overnight it looks great.

Such an improvement! I will say that it’s not perfect. But, I like the burst of color. It adds a nice pop to our balcony.

Next up, what I did with all this stuff (although I’m pretty sure you can guess).







Thrift Store Score

Sometimes with the thrift store it’s hit or miss. This time it was a hit. Here’s what I got.

Cork board for $2.60.

Ceramic bowl for $2.60.

Ceramic mixing bowl with handle for $2.60.

Two metal containers. The smaller one was $2.60, the larger one was $4.60.

All together for a grand total of $15.00

$15.00 for two colorful ceramic bowls, two metal containers and a cork board. I have plans for these. Stay tuned for an update post later this week.