My Status In/Regarding Baltimore

So I saw this person hanging out near the Washington Monument (the original Washington Monument in Baltimore) and think they have it right.

Summer Hammock

Baltimore has been challenging for me.  I hit overload not that long ago when someone attempted to steal stuff from my purse as I was reading at B+N in the Inner Harbor.  I went kinda numb after that for about a week.

Thinks have gotten a bit better since then, once I decided to enter and exit through the parking garage instead of the front entrance.  This takes an extra 5 minutes each time but reduces the amount that I get hassled unwanted comments and propositions by 95%. My sanity has improved 100%.  Why do I do this? There’s a major transportation stop right in front of my building that a certain segment of the Baltimore population likes to frequent (there is also an MTA stop on the other side of the building and lots of bus stops in the surrounding 3 block area).  Loitering tends to happen during the daylight hours while the local business are open.  Once the businesses close for the day (last one closes at 7pm), the area clears out and the problem disappears, for the most part anyway.  While I don’t like the neighborhood so much (I have to watch out for the chicken bones and gobs of spit and gum… gross, really really gross) I do really like my building. This apartment has been the best one Mr.EG and I have lived in spanning over 7 years and 4 buildings.

So what else has changed? Well, I’ve met some awesome women through one of my favorite websites, A Practical Wedding, and the corresponding book club meetings. These women are wonderful and have definitely been the best thing about my stay in Baltimore. They provide some sanity for me and a chance to have some girl time with women who feel like instant friends. So far they’re the only thing that I’m going to miss about Bmore.