I originally stated this blog for several reasons. I’ll be using this blog to explore my creativity.  I want to start conversations about books, thoughts, concepts, other blogs, things that are making me think.  I wanted a space to record my progress on personal goals and to hold me accountable.  I figured what better place than the internet?

I’m a crocheter (find me on ravelry!), romance reader, runner, bicyclist, random crafter and photographer of things that capture my interest. 32-year-old female living in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, Baltimore, MD.  a.k.a. Charm City, beautiful  Santa Cruz, CA, hot and humid Brisbane,Queensland, Australia .  Where (in the world) will this life take me?  I’m not completely sure, but feel free to follow me on my journey!

P.S.  Unless otherwise noted all photos are by me, ExtraGrunty.  I don’t mind if you use them for personal use, but please provide a link if using on a blog/website/whatever.