First of the summer clouds.




Today is the “official” first day of Summer here in Australia. (No, not the solstice. That’s later in the month.) To celebrate I woke up around 5am this morning. By celebrate I mean woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. The sun rises around 4:45am this time of year and certain crazy people are up and being productive at that ungodly hour. 6am when the coffee shops open there’s usually at least one or two bicyclists waiting in their spandex. Me? Well, I usually sleep a few hours later and do brunch. I’ve never been a morning person.

One thing I like to do at any time of day is gaze at the sky and watch the clouds go by. There’s been times I’ve been on a run or just out and about and needed to stop and admire the beautiful sunset or a rainbow. And perhaps point it out to people with their heads down speeding busily on their way. Yes, it’s a need. Complete with ooooh’s and aaaaahhh’s.

Summer, my favorite season, welcome.


Doily on display.

I’ve got a crochet doily (the blue one) in a museum; the Queensland Art GOMA!

It’s part of the ‘Fallen Fruit of Brisbane: Pineapple Express’ display. (I’m even in the website highlights!)


The main exhibit, “Harvest” is up until September 21st. If you’re in the Brisbane area stop by and check it out. This exhibit is free (love me some free!) and there’s also an interesting music exhibit upstairs as well. Make sure you check out the video of people singing and dancing to Thriller.

Nope, not paid for this. Actually I follow QAGOMA on Instagram and saw that they were accepting submissions of pineapple themed stuff from locals. The Petite Pineapple Doily had been in my Ravelry queue for ages and I thought ‘why not?’. Thanks goes out to Priscilla Hewett for permission to submit this design!

Kombucha progress

My kombucha has finished its first fermentation. I bottled it up today to start its second round of fermentation.

Nothing added to these bottles. I still found the growing SCOBY interesting to observe. The floating bits are fascinating. Some of them attach to the side of the jar, others just kinda float suspended in the liquid. One day the bits might be on the bottom; the next they’ve risen to the top.

That’s the new baby SCOBY that grew. Looks quite ugly. It went back into the jar once I was finished filling the bottles. It’s funny, I drink tea everyday but have to buy more to make my next batch of kombucha. All my tea is flavored or has additions that render it not suitable for fermenting (currently Earl Grey, Arctic Fire, Hot Chai, and herbal Apple Orchard). Yum, more tea. I’m excited to see where this will lead.

Strange Animals (or animals not found in the wilds of North America)

A few weeks ago, Mr. EG and I visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Mainly because everyone kept wanting to see pictures of koalas. Turns out it was a nice relaxing afternoon outing.

First the birds…

Tawny Frogmouth










Now the kangaroo’s…

And everybody’s favorite the Koalas…

Those koalas have very sharp claws! One of my favorite sections was the native birds (the snakes were really cool too). The coloring on the feathers was so beautiful. No good pictures of those as most were moving around or hidden in the shadows. I kept saying that the colors and patterns would provide plenty of inspiration for me if/when I start dying yarn.

So the question is would I go again? If I have visitors, yes. If we have small children, yes as it’s great for families. Otherwise, it was nice to visit once but not sure if we’ll go back without a reason. But keep in mind that we’re not really into the touristy things. We’re more of the hiking/camping type of people. We would rather do something than see something.

Lounging around

We saw this kangaroo lounging around today. More pictures of weird and cute animals will be forthcoming.

PS. Horay! This is my 50th post on this blog. Took me long enough. 😉



Australia! Our new country of residence.


Yep, we moved to Australia! Brisbane, Queensland. It’s been a month and so far and I’m liking it. The hot humid weather is perfect for skirts and dresses and eating dinner outside on the balcony. Walking slowly and cool drinks.  And sunscreen, can’t forget the sunscreen.

The first week here was stressful. Moving to another country is quite different than a vacation in another county. Since it’s a country we haven’t lived in before (I’d never even visited) there’s all kinds of things that are different. Such as cell phones and banks. And the documents that you need to open accounts (you must have “100 points of identification” and half the stuff we had they wouldn’t take!). Trying to find a new place to live was quite trying as well (we had a furnished temporary rental for 2.5 weeks which helped out a lot).

I can say that I never realized exactly how much I’ve come to rely on cell phone and internet usage. And seems that the Aussies prefer use a combination of technology and in-person transactions to set things up. Want to rent an apartment? Have to view it in person before you can submit your application. Yes, it’s basically (or maybe it is?) a law. And the real estate agents want to contact you by text. Which is kinda hard when you don’t have the 100 points of identification to get a cell phone! So I showed up to viewings and hoped the agent would show up as well.

They didn’t once. They sent a cancel notice to Mr. EG’s skype number which he didn’t get until after the meeting time (I had requested email communication anyway).  It was frustrating because the rental agents wanted a cell # and the cell people wanted a permanent address. I might have expressed my complete annoyance about this to the cell phone guy. But we finally got phones (sorry Mike for snapping at you).

 So to continue, renting is expensive. It’s priced per week and paid fortnightly (confusing yes?).  A lot of places don’t come with a fridge or a clothes washer. But might have a dishwasher and a clothes dryer? Sometimes the washer and/or dryer would be in the bathroom; sometimes it would be under the house on a concrete pad in the middle of the dirt. (The local Queenslander style houses are built on stilts and don’t usually have a finished space under the house, it’s usually open air.) After looking at some places (and not liking anything) we finally rented a unit in the building we were staying at. Super good luck for us! It’s a great apartment with an amazing view and lots of natural light. Also good luck, the building manager hooked us up with a $50 fridge someone in the building was selling.

We’re getting settling in but the apartment is still mostly empty. The stuff we decided to keep is being shipped across the ocean and will take another month or two to arrive.  We’ve figured out how to get around (Translink and bicycles for now) and where our local grocery shops and farmers markets are. Now it’s time to explore and have fun in this amazing country.