Ice Bath

I’m in the last few weeks of training for the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.  Yesterday I ran 9 miles.  I haven’t run this far since the Broad Street Run.  This time around, I’ve started doing ice baths after my long runs and really tough workouts.  Basically after my hot shower, I run a cold bath with enough water to cover my legs and lower hips. Then I toss in a bag of ice and a tray or two of ice cubes.  After the first two minutes it’s not that bad (the first minute  is “oh sh*t this is cold”.  A cup of hot tea, a book to read, my clock ticking beside me and I’m set for the next 25 minutes.  This results in  not having to hobble around for the next two days from sore muscles.  Crazy? Yes.  But it’s working.   

Summer View of Pemberton House, Philadelphia, PA


Busy Weekend

The past few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve been running nonstop.  This weekend was no exception.  Saturday I was in lovely Doylestown, PA to see the Fonthill Castle, the Mercer Museum (both are very eclectic and full of surprises, I highly recommend) and the Mitchner Art Museum (wonderful Ellis Island photographs displayed while I was there, and also costumes from Hollywood) .  All in one afternoon! Some pictures for you…

Fonthill Castle

The Mercer Museum

Sunday, Mr.EG and I went to Baltimore via the Megabus to see his sister, Mom, and Step-dad. We stopped in to pass some time/get out of the drizzle at the Walters Art Museum. And then…

The Original Washington Monument

Go This Way

We looked at a couple of apartments.  Yes, we’re moving to Bawlmer (a local name for Baltimore, no idea how they got this nickname).  Assuming we find a suitable apartment, we’ll be moving the end of September or beginning of October.

Mr. EG’s job moved there.  I’m still looking for one.  If anyone knows of an open position for an administrative assistant please let me know.  Also, we’re engaged.

Yarn Bombing at 18th and Walnut

I haven’t been to Center City Philly in a while, until last night when I saw this.

Knit side

Knit side

Crochet side

Crochet side

Here are some detail shots for you.

knit cables

Love you Philly


View up the tree



Tree crotch covered up

This type of surprise makes me smile and brightens up my day.