Perky Snood

I’ve got lots of hair. See the photo below?

my hair

As it is sometimes hard and/or heavy to contain I thought I’d try something a bit different.  On to Ravelry for a snood! The perky snood to be exact (also found here).

The pattern starts with a chain, and since I really like the foundation single crochet, that’s what I did. 37 of them with 12 chains at the end for turning.  (I suggest just doing the chain 49 as in the instructions as it is easier to finish. As I found out at the end…) Since I used some worsted weight cotton, an F hook, and regular treble crochets (yarn over 2x, extended treble as is written in the pattern is yarn over 3x) my gauge was a bit off.  I wound up doing the following: row 1, row 2, repeat row 2 four times instead of six, instructions for row 9 and repeated 8x instead of 7x, instructions for row 17, instructions for row 18, then decreased for 4 rows.  For the border I followed the instructions but without using an elastic the first time. (This is where I figured out that using a foundation single crochet was not a good idea [and this is why you should always read through a pattern first]).  After buying some thin elastic headbands I did a second round of the border and finished off.

To increase at the beginning of a row chain 9 and then do a treble or extended treble in the top of your last treble (or extended treble, whichever stitch you’re using throughout the pattern) from the row below.


chain 9

put your stitch here to increase


The end of the increase row should look like this:


see the beginning ch 9 from row below, your increase stitches go here


this is how the end of an increase row should look

Before doing the border:


this will be a snood

Final product:

looks kinda big

It holds my hair!


Since I made this out of worsted weight cotton, it is kinda bulky, and unusual looking. Really I made it just to wear around home when I can’t be bothered, have stuff to get done, have no plans to go out and just want to keep my hair out of my face.  If made in a nicer, thinner yarn perhaps I’d wear it out and about. I’ll be adding some sort of decoration to it, perhaps some crochet flowers?

Anyhow, hope these notes can provide some help to others.


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