A Few Months Ago We Had Snow

Summers in Philadelphia are hot and humid (heat index of 100F today).  This past month saw temperature that are normal for July and August.  So, to cool us down a bit I’m posting photos I took in February.  Four and a half months ago.


Photoshop my photos? Not for me.

So I go to the WordPress website this morning and what do I see but someone’s blogged about how much models are photoshopped (discussion there about how this is bad for self-esteem).  Crazy, crazy, crazy! 

So I haven’t photographed many people so far (thinking of changing this) and I don’t  photoshop my photos (to be clear I have cropped and resized images before).  One, I don’t currently know how to use it.  And two I think a lot of people use it as a crutch to prop up bad photography skills.  If you have to go in and make a lot of changes to get a decent photo you need to go reshoot it (my personal  philosophy is to shoot it right or don’t use it, then again I’m not trying to make a living shooting advertising photos). Even the nonprofessional can learn about composition, aperture, shutter speeds and ISO.  Yes, a lot of point and shoot digital cameras don’t have much in the way of independent controls, but you still have the different scene modes. Don’t know what those symbols mean? Read your manual or ask a photographer friend.  Get your camera off auto everything, go out and play around.  Experiment with your settings. You’ll get better photos.   

Ok, so maybe you don’t feel like fiddling around with dials and buttons.  You can still look around at what you’re shooting to see what’s in the background (telephone pole sticking out of someone’s head anyone?).  Try to really see what’s around you. We spend so much of our time going from here to there without paying attention to our surroundings.  It’s good to stop and smell the roses once in a while.   

Budding Rose


Try a different angle or get really close (use your macro mode, that’s the little flower symbol).   



Fill up the frame with your subject matter.  


Use naturally occurring objects to frame your subject.  

Puffy clouds and trees


Think something ugly can’t be pretty?  

Peeling Paint - May not make your house look so good, but can make an interesting photo when shot up close.


It’s fun to fool around with a camera in your hands.  Play! Try new things! Go out and have fun!  

Let me know how it goes.

What the Romance genre is all about.

Sarah says it better than I can.  I really like this part:

“A hero at the end of a romance leaves no doubt that this is the partner for him. A heroine never looks at the hero and thinks, “I wonder what my life would be like if I’d done something different. I wonder if I’m with the wrong guy.” Romance means never doubting the big life choices – which is a bit of a twist on self actualization. The hero and heroine end up exactly where and with the person they ought to be with.”

I read this genre as an escape from the boring-ness of everyday life.  It’s like crack in its addictiveness, once I pick up a good book it’s really hard to put it down.  I’ve been known to stay up until 3 am to finish a good book (after saying “just one more chapter” about ten times).  I’ve learned about many different professions, cultures, time periods and types of love.  I’ve also learned how to handle many different types of situations. 

My current crack of choice:

Nalini Singh – love her books –  Psy-Changeling series and Guild Hunter series

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld series

Kresley Cole – Immortals After Dark series

I’m always looking for suggestions…

Philadelphia Museum of Art

My sister and her fiancée visited this past weekend. Lucky for us the Philadelphia Museum of Art  had its First Sunday of the month Pay what you wish admission.  We visited the Perelman Building first and had a wonderful surprise! First up was the display Kantha: The Embroidered Quilts of Bengal from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz and the Stella Kramrisch Collections.  So Cool!

So if you have a chance go see the exhibit.  If you’re able to get there before June 13th (three days from now) also go see the Marcel Wanders Daydreams exhibit in the Perelman.  This made me SO HAPPY! There was a crochet chair and crochet “Topiary Sid” (two of them). These were all crochet doilies joined together and epoxied into shape. I’ve liked the way doilies look, but never had any use for them myself until now.  This made me want to grab my hook and just go make a bunch.  Talk about making my day.  My family thought I was crazy for being so excited. I just smiled and said whatever.  🙂

With visitors in town we were eating out everyday.  In Philadelphia we always try to narrow our food choices by nationality first and then chose between resturants.  The wide variety of food is something I Love about Philly.  I’ll really miss that when I move.  So we had Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, and bar food (while watching the Fliers).  Saturday we had some other visitors join us for dinner at King of Tandoor, Mr. EG’s mom and stepdad.  So nice to see them if only for a few hours.  The first time eating Indian turned out very well for two of our visitors and thankfully they’re willing to eat it again. Yum Yum.

Starburst Hotpad #2

I finished my first starburst hotpad and finished a second as well.  Here’s some photos on how to do the final joining. (It’s really easy once you know where you’re supposed to put your stitches.)

Hope this helps.