It’s like Christmas!

Our stuff has arrived! Super happy to have our possessions in our possession again. Yesterday around 12:30 we received 13 boxes of stuff. Actually 1 mattress, and 12 boxes.

There has been one causality so far.

Poor little bowl. We’ll try to glue it back together.

Kitchen stuff and decorative items!

Pretty sure customs checked out out camping and hiking gear. (There’s no way we would have left the bags open.)

This is the frame and artwork box. No glass was harmed in the shipment of this box! Some Most of these frames have been filled with the same photographs since we lived in Philadelphia. I’m already considering which photos to change.

Lately, when people ask me what I do they get the response, “I make messes”. Eventually they get cleaned up. Which is something I’m off to do right now.


2 thoughts on “It’s like Christmas!

  1. Pauly says:

    The weird thing is I read this stuff and I hear it in my head in your voice! Is that weird? I think it’s weird. Am I spelling weird correctly? How weird am we? Wow! Brisbane!

    So, the deal is, Australia appears to be suffering the effects of climate change more extremely than those of us elsewhere; have you seen evidence of same or is it all just really new and cool?

    New and cool is fricken’ awesome, btw…..

    • extragrunty says:

      Pauly, Do I speak the same way in real life? Cause I can totally “hear” your voice when reading your comment, you speak the same way your comment is written. And I like weird and weird things in general (not creep weird though).
      As for climate change, I know Queensland is in a drought. Not sure about the effects of climate change here. I haven’t done any research into that for this area and haven’t lived here long enough to have a personal comparison.

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