Tuesday Tour: Brisbane Apartment

So when we moved into our current apartment in Brisbane I captured a video on my phone. I finally got around to uploading it to my computer. And I figured out how to do some basic editing. What I can’t do  is post the video on my blog (cause I’m cheap and this is a free blog). But I can do the next best thing and post a link to it on you tube!


Currently our place is lacking an organizational method. I’ve got paper work and receipts everywhere. Ok, so they’re not everywhere, just all over our bookcase. We’re still waiting for our stuff to get here off the boat. It’s possible (I hope!) that in the beginning of May I’ll be able to hang my artwork on the walls. And have little decorative bowls to put things in.  I feel as if we’re in this awkward waiting phase.  I know we have stuff coming. Not a lot, but some. I don’t want to go out and start buying lots of stuff (I’m really missing my kitchen utensils). But I really, really want stuff on my walls! And the rest of my yarn stash. Yarn is important.


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