Vegetarian Chinese Food!


I haven’t found any Chinese places in Baltimore that do vegetarian food made with wheat gluten (yet… there may be a place in Charles Village?).  So when Mr. EG told me that he needed to return to Philly today I requested that he bring me back food from Chinatown.  Specifically Sweet & Sour “Chicken” and some General Tso’s “Chicken” from Kingdom of Vegetarians.  It pretty much survived the bus ride back to Bmore and I’ve devoured half of the sweet n’ sour.   I’m now feeling the “Chinese food coma” but because I’m so happy to have good vegetarian food, that I haven’t had to cook, I felt the need to do a post.  Behold, the wonderful food!

Sweet n’ Sour “Chicken”

Remains of Mr. EG's General Tso's "Chicken"

Leftover General Tso's

Leftovers! I love leftover Chinese food!  It means I don’t have to cook tomorrow night and I get to have food  that is not readily available to  me (again!!!).

When I first moved to Philly in 2005 I was so happy to find out that there were so many veggie places.  And Chinese food?  I was ecstatic!  That sort of food didn’t exist in northeast Ohio.  And it doesn’t exist so much in Baltimore.

Please Baltimore, won’t you give us Vegetarians some love?

Don’t get me wrong Bmore, the Indian restaurants are great, but I can’t eat Indian every time I eat out.

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian Chinese Food!

  1. Luxe says:

    Hi! As a native Baltimore vegetarian and faux-meat lover, I wanted to send you some suggestions. For actual sit-down restaurants with extensive veg offerings, check out Mr. Chan in Pikesville, Jesse Wong’s in Columbia and Hunt Valley, Paul Chen Hong Kong in Charles Village and Timonium’s Szechuan House (no fake meat, but amazing yuba). For carryout, Neighbor’s Kitchen and New China House in Parkville, Seafood Wok in Owings Mills, and China King in Perry Hall. All of these have a special “monk’s menu” or a vegetarian section. There are also a zillion vegetarian Chinese places around Rockville and Bethesda, and more ideas here:
    Have fun!

  2. Vado Porro says:

    There is a place in Columbia that makes the BEST vegetarian orange “chicken” and pretty good other “chicken” as well. It’s called Hunan Manor and it’s totally worth the drive. There aren’t very many good Chinese food places in Baltimore generally, so I’m not surprised that they do crummy vegetarian Chinese food.

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