What the Romance genre is all about.

Sarah says it better than I can.  I really like this part:

“A hero at the end of a romance leaves no doubt that this is the partner for him. A heroine never looks at the hero and thinks, “I wonder what my life would be like if I’d done something different. I wonder if I’m with the wrong guy.” Romance means never doubting the big life choices – which is a bit of a twist on self actualization. The hero and heroine end up exactly where and with the person they ought to be with.”

I read this genre as an escape from the boring-ness of everyday life.  It’s like crack in its addictiveness, once I pick up a good book it’s really hard to put it down.  I’ve been known to stay up until 3 am to finish a good book (after saying “just one more chapter” about ten times).  I’ve learned about many different professions, cultures, time periods and types of love.  I’ve also learned how to handle many different types of situations. 

My current crack of choice:

Nalini Singh – love her books –  Psy-Changeling series and Guild Hunter series

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld series

Kresley Cole – Immortals After Dark series

I’m always looking for suggestions…


2 thoughts on “What the Romance genre is all about.

  1. Andi says:

    We were discussing the romance genre in one of my English Lit classes and someone said that there is nothing wrong with romance novels and my professor replied, “Of course not! Everyone needs the mac and cheese of literature once in awhile.” The comparison to mac and cheese kind of sums up what the romance genre is about for me.

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