Philadelphia Museum of Art

My sister and her fiancée visited this past weekend. Lucky for us the Philadelphia Museum of Art  had its First Sunday of the month Pay what you wish admission.  We visited the Perelman Building first and had a wonderful surprise! First up was the display Kantha: The Embroidered Quilts of Bengal from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz and the Stella Kramrisch Collections.  So Cool!

So if you have a chance go see the exhibit.  If you’re able to get there before June 13th (three days from now) also go see the Marcel Wanders Daydreams exhibit in the Perelman.  This made me SO HAPPY! There was a crochet chair and crochet “Topiary Sid” (two of them). These were all crochet doilies joined together and epoxied into shape. I’ve liked the way doilies look, but never had any use for them myself until now.  This made me want to grab my hook and just go make a bunch.  Talk about making my day.  My family thought I was crazy for being so excited. I just smiled and said whatever.  🙂

With visitors in town we were eating out everyday.  In Philadelphia we always try to narrow our food choices by nationality first and then chose between resturants.  The wide variety of food is something I Love about Philly.  I’ll really miss that when I move.  So we had Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, and bar food (while watching the Fliers).  Saturday we had some other visitors join us for dinner at King of Tandoor, Mr. EG’s mom and stepdad.  So nice to see them if only for a few hours.  The first time eating Indian turned out very well for two of our visitors and thankfully they’re willing to eat it again. Yum Yum.


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