No Cable TV

We got rid of the cable a few weeks ago.  I’d been wanting to get rid of it for at least a year.  Since a promotional period ended and the bill went up to higher than expected, and we didn’t watch much tv to begin with, we cut the cord.  We kept the cable internet though, Mr. Extragrunty would have an aneurysm without it.  

We did get a Netflix on demand for the Wii access DVD in the mail around the same time.  That was going every night for a week as we watched some documentaries and Monty Python.  I don’t miss the wide variety of channels.  We still get PBS and that’s pretty much all that we were watching out of who knows how many channels. The tv was used most of the time for background noise anyway.  Next I’ll see if we can get rid of the tv all together and just use the dual monitor setup to watch stuff.  😉

I’d much rather look at cool patterns produced by paint chipping off random surfaces than spend my evening zoned out in front of a tv.


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